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Urchin Lavalier Windshields are made to use with lavalier mics placed on the outside of clothing using a clip or other fixture. Each Urchin is made with premium acoustic synthetic fur available in black, gray or white colors. There are FOUR models: Urchin, Mini Urchin, Puffer Urchin and Large Hole Urchin. All include the “Stay-Put” loop strap to secure the fur on the mic so it will not fall off during use.

Urchin, Mini Urchin and Puffer Urchin are all designed to be used w/ lavalier mics 2-4mm in diameter like DPA 6060, Sanken COS11, Voice Technologies 403 etc. For larger headed mics like DPA 4060, Sennheiser MKE 2 / ME 2, Voice Technologies VT500 use Large Hole Urchin Windshields.

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