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The RAD-2 Camera Shoe Microphone Shock Mount is designed for for use with standard length shotgun microphones and small condenser pencil microphones diameters of 19-25mm, up to 250mm in length with slide-on foam or fur windshields on the front. It provides exceptional isolation from movement, handling noise and other vibrations associated with being mounted on a camera's shoe mount and cages.


Made in collaboration with MID49.


The mount has soft-coated universal mic clips to fit any mic 19-25mm in diameter. All of the components are produced using virtually indestructible thermoplastic elastomers from high-precision injection moulding in an ISO-9000 certified factory (no 3D printing here) or machined aluminum.   

  • Great microphone shock mount isolation when booming indoors, outdoors or on run-&-gun shoots
  • Recommended for use with microphones with a diameter of 19-25mm, up to 250mm in length. Can be used with or without slide-on windshields.
  • Fits Sennheiser MKH416, Sennheiser MKH8060, Sennheiser MKE600, Schoeps CMIT 5, Schoeps SuperCMIT, Schoeps MiniCMIT, Sanken CS-3, Rode NTG-3 and other shotgun microphones
  • Also use with super-cardioid, cardioid and omni condenser mics when using a slide-on Radius Nimbus Windshield or other style deadcat fur on the front.
  • Cold Shoe adaptor is machined from solid metal with a compression lock with ratchet lever. 

RAD-2 Camera Shoe Microphone Shock Mount

SKU: RAD-01398

    Sennheiser MKH416
    Sennheiser MKH8060
    Sennheiser MKE600
    Sanken CS-3
    Rode NTG-3
    and other similar shotgun microphones

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