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Handheld / Reporter LARGE Microphone Foam Windscreen, 55mm internal length with a bore diameter for +/- 30mm diameter microphones. 


Designed to place on a handheld/reporter microphone head grill and provide basic reliable pop and wind protection. 


Made from premium quality "open-cell" polyurethane acoustic foam in a classic windscreen shape. Resistant to the effects of moisture and UV in outdoor applications.

Handheld / Reporter Mic Foam Windscreen, 3.0cm x 55mm Hole

SKU: FWS-00094

    Internal Bore Length: 5.5cm
    Bore Diameter: 3cm
    Overall Length: 7.5cm
    Outer Diameter: 7cm
    Color: Black
    Material: Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
    Weight: 6g



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