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The Nimbus is a slide-on windscreen made in many sizes to fit shotgun, small condenser and broadcast camera-mounted microphones. It is designed to reduce up to 25dB of wind noise generated from light to moderate winds, whilst maintaining high frequency audio clarity.


The specially designed rubber end caps are made in two diameters to fit snugly around 19-22mm or 24-25mm microphones, preventing wind from entering behind the capsule. The Nimbus windshields are also the only slip-on fur windscreens to incorporate small "pepper pot" hole openings on the end caps to reduce air pressure near the capsule. This unique feature diminishes the “muddy or muffled” sound that can occur at some frequencies and adds extra clarity when recording with certain microphones. Each Nimbus is made using acoustic synthetic fur and a porous open cell foam internal core.

  • Reduces up to 25dB of wind noise whilst maintaining high frequency audio clarity
  • Unique "pepper pot" end cap design adds extra clarity at certain frequencies by reducing air pressure near the microphone capsule
  • Fits SCHOEPS MiniCMIT, Audio-Technica AT875R, BP4073; DPA 4017; Sennheiser MKH8060; Sony ECM-673, ECM-674, ECM-VG1
  • Hand-made in England from high quality acoustic synthetic fur with a porous open cell foam core

12cm Nimbus Windshield (19/22)

SKU: NIM-00223

    Internal Bore Length: 12cm
    Bore Diameter Allowance: 19mm to 22mm
    Overall Length: 170mm
    Outer Diameter: 75mm Max.
    Color: Gray/Black
    Outer Material: high quality acoustic synthetic fur
    Inner Material: Porous open cell acoustic foam core


    DPA 4017 (B/C)
    Sennheiser MKH8060
    Audio-Technica AT875R, BP4073
    Sony ECM-673, ECM-674, ECM-VG1

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