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Shotgun Microphone Foam Windscreen, 10cm internal length with Standard bore diameter for 19mm to 22mm diameter microphones. This windscreen needs to cover the entire length of all "vents" on microphone to be effective.


Designed to place over a shotgun microphones' "interference tube vents" and provide basic reliable wind and pop protection. Appropriate for boom pole, handheld and camera-mounted applications. Use indoors to minimize the swoosh effect of boom cueing and HVAC air flow.


Made from premium quality "open-cell" polyurethane acoustic foam in a classic windscreen shape. Resistant to the effects of moisture and UV in outdoor applications.

10cm Shotgun Mic Foam Windscreen, STD Hole

SKU: FWS-00025

    Internal Bore Length: 10cm
    Bore Diameter Allowance: 19mm to 22mm
    Overall Length: 130mm
    Outer Diameter: 5cm Max.
    Color: Black
    Material: Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
    Weight: 6g



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